Chilling Tales of Chelmsford

Chelmsford History Walks

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Chilling Tales of Chelmsford - The Great Fire of Chelmsford
Is this Theatre haunted?
What are the stories behind the old Hall?


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Chelmsford History Walks
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How long? 90 minutes

Where? Chelmsford

When? As places are restricted, booking in advance is required by either text or email.

Our local “Master of the Marcarb” will lead you on a walking tour of the city describing the more unpleasant side of its history. The narration will include details of hanging, murders, ghosts, witchcraft, body snatching and much more. So if you are a bit squeamish about these types of subjects, maybe it is best you do not come.

So how did a protestant preacher end up facing a traitor’s death?

What methods did the Witch Finder General use to confirm acts of witchcraft?
In which Chelmsford buildings are there believed to be ghosts or paranormal activity?

If you would like to know more about the dark side of the history of Chelmsford and find the answers to these questions, then join us on this walk.

A word of warning though if you do not like stories of hangings, murders and of course ghosts then this walk is not for you!

The walk starts at the Stone Bridge in the High Street next to Toni & Guy, CM2 0LR.

What's included?
  • A 90 minute narration of over 30 true stories


Available via the visit Chelmsford website.


Chelmsford High Street.


As places are restricted, booking in advance is required by either text or email.


Because of the gory content of this walk, it is best suited to young adults over the age of 16.


This event will still take place even if it is raining, in which case an umbrella may be advisable.

What to bring/wear

Dress for a chilling evenings walk.

Other Information

The price will be £5 per person, which includes a donation to the Ideas Hub charity and is best paid in cash on the evening.

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