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Evening of Ghosts & Ghouls - Evening of Ghosts & Ghouls


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Mercat Tours Ltd
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How long? 2 hours

Where? Edinburgh

When? Tours run 8pm daily.

Book this tour if you'd like...

  • a light-hearted, entertaining look at our ghoulish past, and ghostly present
  • to see the famous haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults
  • to relish a complimentary refreshment and tales by candle-light

NEW for 2015
Now offering a dram of Dewar's superb Scotch whisky to warm you against the chilling tales of the night...

Entertainment – 17th Century style!

An evening of spine-tingling storytelling awaits you.

How best to experience our grim and ghostly past? Just as our ghoulish ancestors did…with gusto!

The infamous ‘Edinburgh mob’ loved the ‘entertainment’ of blood, guts and gore. And there was plenty provided! Especially at the Mercat Cross.

Hear grisly tales of witchcraft, torture and restless spirits as you venture down medieval closes and descend into the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults.

As night darkens, savour a welcome drink by candle-light, as tales are weaved in and atmospheric, underground cellar.

Visit where the ghosts of Edinburgh's past still haunt her present...

Entertaining and Ghostly!

What's included?
  • 2 hour full evening experience
  • Complimentary refreshment


Tour starts at Mercat Cross, High Street, and finishes at the Discovery Room, Blair Street, off Hunter's Square.


Tours run 8pm daily.


For health and safety reasons children under the age of 5 are not allowed.

There is a strict policy regarding alcohol and drugs. Anyone over the limit will be refused entry.


Hail, rain, wind or snow: your guide will always be there to greet you. Your guide is very skilled at finding shelter from the elements, but do dress for the cold (hat/gloves) especially in the evenings and in the winter months.

Cancellation Policy

Tickets are non-refundable, but where possible we will endeavour to transfer you to an alternative tour, based on availability.

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