Ghost Hunt at Abbey House Leeds

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Ghost Hunt at Abbey House - Ghost Hunt at Abbey House


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Spookseekers Paranormal
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How long? 5 hours

Where? Leeds

When? Saturday 13th October -sold out. 9pm to 2am.... read more

Join us as we investigate on the reconstructed Victorian street with its pub and shops. Spend time on the abbots staircase and get comfy in the Victorian Parlour.

Abbey House was once the gateway to Kirkstall Abbey, it became detached from it when turnpike road was built in 1827. It was built in 1152-1182. The last abbot John Ripley took it as his home until his death in 1568. From 1584, it was owned by the Savile family and used as a farmhouse. In 1779 the Butler family leased it from the Earls of Cardigan. Alterations were made in 1841. It became the home of George Beecroft of Kirkstall Forge and then the Butler family. In 1893 it was bought by Colonel Thomas Harding who lived there until 1912. In 1925 it was bought by Leeds City Council.

There has been many strange sightings and hauntings reported including that of the former Abbot of the abbey who walks the area that has been converted into a museum, it is usual to hear the spirit moving around.

What's included?
  • 5 hour ghost hunt
  • Full use of ghost hunting equipment
  • Light refreshments available throughout the night


Saturday 13th October -sold out.

9pm to 2am.


Over 18 years only.

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