Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels Kidderminster

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Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels - Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels
Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels
Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels
Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels
Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels


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Haunted Discoveries
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How long? 5 hours

Where? Kidderminster

When? 9pm until 2am.

Join Haunted Discoveries UK as we carry out a ghost hunt and investigate the former military underground complex Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster.

We at Haunted Discoveries UK like to employ both traditional and scientific methods of paranormal investigation. As a guest we will invite you to take part in active experiments including group and lone vigils, table tipping, and pendulums. You will also get the chance to investigate using some of our equipment, which include: spirit boxes, temperature guns, rem pods, dowsing rods, Alice software, spirit boards and mel meters etc.

Reported Activity

There have been 7 reported deaths at the site and all occurred during its construction. On 31st October 1941 the roof of tunnel 1 unexpectedly collapsed whilst blasting killing Harry Depper and two of his colleagues, whose identities are not known. Mary Ann Brettel was accidently hit by a dump truck outside the complex and later died of shock. Two construction workers decided to ride on top of the conveyor belts used to remove loose rock at the end of the day and became entangled in the machinery. Eric Harold Newman was a security officer for goods in and out; he was knocked off his motorbike outside the complex by the coach driver who brought the workers to work.

There have been reports of paranormal activity since the decommission of the site by both its owners and visitors. In 1993 the caretaker was walking through the kitchens when he heard what sounded like a radio playing 1940s music in tunnel 1. His initial investigation turned into a 6 hour search, there wasn’t even a radio on the site. A strange mist has been reported in tunnel 4, people feel as though they are being consistently watched, temperature fluctuations are felt and visitors have reported being pushed. Most of the activity has occurred in and round tunnel 4, the music is heard sporadically by the mist is only ever seen during the winter months.

What's included?
  • Ghost hunt


During April 1941, the Ministry of Aircraft Production informed the Treasury of their intention to build a new underground factory, which would later become Drakelow Tunnels. They stated it would be for the use of “one of the engine or gun factories in the Coventry or Birmingham area” with a provisional completion date of 6th July 1942. By this time the costs had skyrocketed and construction had fallen well behind schedule. The Rover car company were chosen as the firm to use the factory site and full production was achieved in May 1943.

The completed facility occupied 53.34 acres and consisted of tunnels laid out in a grid system. The areas not required by Rover were used by the RAF as storage. The factory was used to build parts for the Mercury and Pegasus radial engines for aircraft until 1945 and then for work relating to the development and manufacture of the Meteor Tank engine until the mid 1950s.

The Cold War breathed new life into Drakelow Tunnels when in 1958 part of the site north of tunnel 4 was developed by the Home Office as a Regional Seat of Government (RSG 9.2). It was developed for a staff of 325 and contained dormitories, storage areas, workshops, electrical equipment, offices, toilets, a BBC studio and a GPO Telephones communications facility among others. Over the next 30 years the Home Office downgraded its designation and staffing levels but greatly modernised it in the early 1980s by refurbishing the areas forward of tunnel 4 and adding new blast doors in place of the previous wooden factory doors.

The Drakelow site was decommissioned and sold in 1993 with plans to redevelop the site into a residential and commercial area, which would have meant demolishing the complex. This was met by local opposition and a Preservation Trust was established, which was successful in stopping the plans. The Drakelow Tunnels Presevation Trust has been working on restoring the entire complex to its original condition in its goal to become the largest Cold War museum in the UK.


9pm until 2am.

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