Ghost Hunt at North Weald Train Station Museum and Railway North Weald Bassett

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Ghost Hunt at North Weald Train Station Museum and Railway - North Weald Train Station Museum and Railway
North Weald Train Station Museum and Railway
North Weald Train Station Museum and Railway


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Ghost Hunter Tours
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How long? 5.75 hours

Where? North Weald Bassett

When? Event runs from 7:15 pm to 1:00 am.

Are you brave enough to join the Ghost Hunter Tours team on a full blown ghost hunt at the historic steam train site of North Weald Train Station Museum?

Staff at the location have reported ghost sightings, shadow figures and often hear a guards whistle being blown all on its own.

There have also been several deaths at the station throughout its long history. A Hunter jet fighter from the RAF's Black Arrows also crashed on the line at North Weald killing the pilot.

There have also been reports of the noise of this heard over again a few times. A guard was also crushed to death whilst blowing his whistle.

Many strange happenings over many years right across the site have also been reported and still remain unexplained with so much reported we should be in for a very good night at a really history rich and interesting location.

This location had never been investigated before until our visit on 13/10/18 and guests were blown away to say the least

History of the site:

In 1856 The Eastern Counties Railway (ECR), which later became part of the Great Eastern Railway (GER) opened a double track railway between Stratford and Loughton. A single-track extension between Loughton and Ongar was added in 1865. Increased usage on the line led to the building of double track between Loughton and Epping. At this point 50 trains operated between London and Loughton each day, with a further 22 continuing to Epping and 14 more to Ongar. Little changed in the intervening years.

The air crash:

On 7 June 1957 the team were practising aerobatics over their base for their forthcoming appearance at the Farnsworth air show when two of the Hunters collided. One of them, registration XE621, despite having a damaged wing was able to land at what is now Stansted airport and its pilot survived. However the other Hunter, registration XF525, crashed on the nearby railway line damaging the track and causing a train to de-rail injuring three of its passengers. The 27 year-old pilot of the doomed aircraft did not survive the crash – his name was Flying Officer David C Garratt.

What's included?
  • Ghost hunt


Event runs from 7:15 pm to 1:00 am.


Over 18's only.

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