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Ghost Hunt At The Haunted National Emergency Services Museum Sheffield

Ghost Hunter Tours

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Ghost Hunt At The Haunted National Emergency Services Museum Sheffield - National Emergency Services Museum


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Ghost Hunter Tours
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How long? 5 hours

Where? Sheffield

When? 9:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Ghost Hunter Tours head to Sheffield to investigate the very haunted National Emergency Services Museum. With sightings and strange happenings this location must be on every paranormal fans to do list! It has been said that this amazing location is the most haunted building in the whole of Sheffield, you will be investigating the police cells, rooms and old vehicles kept here with the GHT team of investigators.

Location history:

Sheffield has been the home of Emergency related museums and collections since the original Sheffield Fire Museum in 1931. The original museum was the idea of Superintendent Tom Breaks and was located at the Fire Station then known as Rockingham Street Station. Some of the items from the original museum, along with the personal collection of Tom Breaks can still be seen in the museum today. In the late 1970's firefighters from South Yorkshire Fire Service started to add to and reorganise the collection that had been on display across many fire stations to reopen a Fire Service Museum here in Sheffield. The collection grew over the years and in the early 1980's relocated to its current home in the former Police, Fire and Ambulance Station at West Bar.

West Bar Station, completed in 1900 and designed by architect Joseph Norton, was built in an era concerned with both form and function. As a creation of the Chief Constable of Sheffield, John Jackson and the Chief Fire Officer, Superintendent William Frost, the Fire Station featured lots of cutting-edge technology such as the symbolic Pole Drop; originally an American concept, the ‘Hales Swinging’ system and electric bells.

It was John Jackson (portrait above the fireplace in the entrance) who saw a need for one of the first combined Fire, Police and Ambulance Stations. This shared Station had a layout which allocated the Police the left side of the ground floor. This included 4 cells, 12 stables, an office, an interview room, the inspector’s office and an enquiries desk. This area is now the museum’s reception. The building itself saw service through both World Wars and survived the Sheffield Blitz, however, fragments of shrapnel and scars can still be found in the front brickwork of the building.

In the cobbled area of the building was West Bar’s ambulance, listed as ‘ambulance number two’, this would have been operated by the firefighters along with mortuary vehicles.

The remainder of the building such as the engine house, first and second floors made up the Fire Station.

Haunted history and sightings:

  • Ghost figures seen and heard
  • Objects thrown an moved without explanation
  • A resident negative energy within the building
  • Unexplained cold spots
  • Talking and voices heard

So are you brave enough to join us at Sheffield's most haunted location?

What's included?
  • 5-hour ghost hunt


9:00 pm to 2:00 am.


Over 18s only.

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