Ghost Hunt at the Very Haunted Grail Court Hotel Burton-on-Trent

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Ghost Hunt at the Very Haunted Grail Court Hotel - Ghost Hunt At The Very Haunted Grail Court Hotel


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How long? 6 hours

Where? Burton-on-Trent

When? 8:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Ghost Hunter Tours head to the Grail Court Hotel in Burton-on-Trent to investigate this very haunted location.

With sightings and strange happenings this location must be on every paranormal fans to do list! It has been said that this amazing location is the most haunted building in the whole of Burton, you will be investigating here with the GHT team of investigators.

In 1839 the railways arrived in Burton and local entrepreneurs built hotels where they thought the railway would stop, The Grail Court was one of these hotels. Although the hotel has been here since 1839 other buildings where here prior to this being in the centre of town.

There has been paranormal activity reported at the hotel for years. Security cameras are fitted throughout the building and at night when the hotel is closed, orbs of white light have been clearly seen on the monitors although the staircase is in darkness. Members of staff have also heard footsteps on the landings and on investigating find nobody there, cold spots are also felt in these locations but no draughts can be found.

There are reputed spirits and ghosts from the 16th century through to the 20th century including King James I spies through to an old patron who is happy to still sit in the bar even after his death.

What's included?
  • 6-hour ghost hunt


Optional overnight accommodation is available at this location - contact the tour operator to find out more.


8:00 pm to 2:00 am.

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