Ghost Hunt at The Village Museum Skegness

Haunted Discoveries

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Ghost Hunt at The Village Museum - Ghost Hunt at The Village Museum
Ghost Hunt at The Village Museum
Ghost Hunt at The Village Museum
Ghost Hunt at The Village Museum
Ghost Hunt at The Village Museum


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Haunted Discoveries
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How long? 5 hours

Where? Skegness

When? 9:00pm until 2:00am.

Join Haunted Discoveries UK as we investigate The Village Church Farm Museum in Skegness.

This location is popular for any ghost hunter and explorer with its varied period buildings and exhibitions.

We at Haunted Discoveries UK like to employ both traditional and scientific methods of paranormal investigation. As a guest we will invite you to take part in active experiments including group and lone vigils, table tipping, and pendulums. You will also get the chance to investigate using some of our equipment, which include: spirit boxes, temperature guns, rem pods, dowsing rods, Alice software, spirit boards and mel meters etc.

Reported Activity: The reports of paranormal activity at the Village Church Farm are as varied as the buildings on the site. Footsteps are regularly heard on the first floor of Withern Cottage along with voices and taps and bangs on the pots set out in the kitchen. Shadows are also seen moving past the outside of the windows.

The farmhouse itself experiences its own diesmbodied footsteps and voices alongside items disappearing and reappearing, obects being thrown, doors opening and closing and shadow people seen moving around the building.

Footsteps and strange noises are also heard in the cowshed, particularly in and around the schoolroom. People walking past the workshops will often hear noises like the tools are in use or are being moved around.

What's included?
  • Ghost hunt


The Village Church Farm Museum is Lincolnshire's only open air local and agricultural history museum. There are a number of buildings on the site, the original being a traditional farmhouse dating from 1760 furnished as it would look during the late Victorian era.

Withern Cottage is an example of a traditional agricultural labourers home in the late 18th Century, simply furnished to give an authentic feel. It was moved to The Village Church Farm from the nearby village of Withern and is an illustration of a Lincolnshire 'mud and stud' thatched cottage.

Other buildings on the site include the cowshed, stables, wash house, summerhouse, boothby barn, and village workshops that highlight various trades with examples of the traditional tools used.


9:00pm until 2:00am.

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