Grand Hotel Ghost Hunt Special Scarborough

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Grand Hotel Ghost Hunt Special - Grand Hotel Ghost Hunt Special
Grand Hotel Ghost Hunt Special


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Haunted Discoveries
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How long? 5 hours

Where? Scarborough

When? 9:00pm until 2:00am.

Join Haunted Discoveries UK for a very special evening - a night of paranormal workshops, Victorian experiments and ghost hunting has the team head to this ironic and imposing Grand Hotel Scarborough.

Hand-picked for a location that can offer all we need for our ghost hunting night.

Once signed in and everyone has arrived you will start the night off with a team chat about the night ahead.

Then we will do a session of workshop activities. Which will include Q&A's, learning the equipment, common misconceptions, etc.

We will then introduce some Victorian-style ghost hunting and communication methods in which you will learn and be conducting during the investigation.

Once we have completed the sections we will split into smaller groups and use what we have learned to put into practice when we go LIGHTS OUT and start the ghost Hunt of this great building.

During the investigation you will have access to scientific equipment and also we are there to show you how they work.

  • K2's, Emf meters, Temperature Readers, EVP Machines, Kinnect, Rem Pods, Spirit Boxes and more.
  • Also Victorian methods, pendulums, human pendulums, table tipping, glass work, divination's, Ouija (only if you wish) etc
  • Automatic handwriting, scrying
  • Also the new DO YOU TRUST YOUR SENSES? - featuring ultra-sound, Beats Magnets and more

What's included?
  • Paranormal Workshops
  • Victorian Experiments
  • Ghost Hunting


Option to stay: The location is a hotel and there are rooms available there for an extra cost. To book your place please visit the locations website and from there you can book.


9:00pm until 2:00am.

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