Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Old Lamb Hotel Theale Theale, Reading

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Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Old Lamb Hotel Theale - Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Old Lamb Hotel


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Ghost Hunter Tours
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How long? 4.5 hours

Where? Theale, Reading

When? 9:00 pm to 1;30 am.

Ghost Hunter Tours head into to the very haunted Old Lamb Hotel in Theale this Halloween to investigate the many years of reported paranormal activity of this location.

Your tour - should you be brave enough to sign up - will feature a full blown ghost hunt with our medium and paranormal investigator and they will be doing their very best to contact any spirits that are reported to be at the location and with its history and eye witness reports a good night should be ahead for you - that is if you are brave enough!

A brief history built in 1487 as an original coaching house and is one of the oldest buildings in the area. It has had many years of paranormal activity and sightings and one of the most famous visitors at the location was Dick Turpin.

So are you brave enough to join us?

What's included?
  • 4.5-hour ghost hunt


We have also put together a deal direct with the hotel to offer guests overnight accommodation after the event at just £20pp - this aspect needs to be booked directly with the hotel on 0118 9302357 and quote 'Ghost Hunter Tours'.


9:00 pm to 1;30 am.


Event is for over 18's.

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