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Wagon & Horses Wiltshire

Bump in the Night Paranormal

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Wagon & Horses - Wagon & Horses
Wagon & Horses
Wagon & Horses


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Bump in the Night Paranormal
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How long? 4.5 hours

Where? Wiltshire

When? Event time starts at 11pm and will finish at 3.30am.

Just off the A4 between Marlborough and Devizes, stands a quintessential English pub; The Waggon and Horses. The pub was built in 1669 primarily as a coaching inn and bore the name The Black Bear. Predominantly constructed from sarsen stone which would have been found in abundance in parts of old Wessex and quarried from the Marlborough downs, or possibly the Avebury stone circles at a time when Neolithic stone circles offered little interest other than for building material, which is clearly evident in several of the cottages in Avebury village. In 1724 The Black Bear became The Hare and Hounds, possibly in response to the hare coursing which was prevalent in the area at that time. Finally in 1823, The Hare and Hounds became The Waggon and Horses, a name no doubt derived from the waggoner’s and drovers who frequented the inn having travelled along what is now the A4, a popular route used to drive livestock between Bath and London markets. The inn offered accommodation, grazing land for cattle and a stable and smithy.

The Waggon and Horses appears in Charles Dickens Pickwick Papers, it is likely therefore that Dickens may well have visited the inn at sometime during his travels to Bath, a city he is said to have loathed, describing it as ‘a mouldy old roosting place, built by a cemetery full of dead people‘. What follows is an extract from the Pickwick Papers, describing, it is believed, Tom Smart’s visit to the inn.
The reports of ghosts said to frequent the public bar. An elderly lady dressed in a white smock thought to be the ghost of a previous landlady. She is most often seen standing at the bar (customers side) her features are always described as 'unclear' or 'misty', so no positive identification has ever really been forthcoming. She is quite harmless and when spotted will immediately vanish.

The other ghost is an elderly gentleman dressed in the style conducive of the Victorian era. He is always seen leaning against the fireplace whilst smoking a pipe. He is accompanied by a small dog which is curled up at his feet. Sometimes an unmistakable aroma of pipe tobacco has been noticed near the fireplace.

The A4, which passes immediately outside the pub is said to be haunted by a coach and four. The sound of galloping hooves and the clatter of carriage wheels has been heard to draw up on the cobbles immediately outside the pub. The local Police have said in the past, that the thunderous, audible distraction to passing motorists is believed to have been the cause of several accidents on the approach to the Beckhampton roundabout.

Buffet is included in the price. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any food allergies that we need to be made aware of.

What's included?
  • 4.5 hour event
  • Buffet


Event time starts at 11pm and will finish at 3.30am.


No persons under the age of 18 are permitted to attend.

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If unforeseen circumstances occur and the event cannot go ahead you will be given a credit note to use on one of our other events or offered a full refund.

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