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Whittington Castle - Whittington Castle
Whittington Castle
Whittington Castle


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How long? 6 hours

Where? Shropshire

When? Event time starts at 8pm and will finish at 2am.

Join our team in the Welsh border town of Whittington as we spend the night in search of those who remain at Whittington Castle. This haunted castle has links with Robin Hood, Dick Whittington and the Knights Templar. Surrounded in myths and folklore this isolated castle has many areas to investigate, which include the Tudor cottage, the great hall and the castles dungeon. Take part in vigils and seances in the most active areas of the castle as we attempt to discover the hauntings of Whittington Castle.

The fabric of the Castle has been much changed over the hundreds of years since it was built, one of those changes being the 16th century Elizabethan dwelling attached to the northern outer bailey gate-house tower. The tower keep is 12th century, but has been later modified, the outer gatehouse is no doubt the work of Sir Fulk Fitzwarine of the early 13th century and above the archway can be seen his coat of arms.

Whittington Castle is steeped in history with many tales of bitter warfare, treachery, death, myths and legends with many accounts of unexplained activity and ghostly sightings. A hooded figure seen under the arch of the main gateway, the ghost of a blacksmith in a leather apron is seen to walk the ruins and there are faces of ghostly children who are regularly seen peering out of the upstairs windows. Are you brave enough to spend time alone in the eerie, dark and oppressive guard room which some staff members absolutely refuse to enter?

During the civil war it was loyal to the Royalists until Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads took it by force in 1643. At the time of Queen Mary II ownership of the castle was granted to Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arundel. Later it was sold to Francis William Albany Esq, a London merchant whose Manor and Estate was Fernhill. When his granddaughter Sarah married Thomas Lloyd Esq of Aston the two estates were united.

What's included?
  • 6 hour event


Event time starts at 8pm and will finish at 2am.


No persons under the age of 18 are permitted to attend.

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If unforeseen circumstances occur and the event cannot go ahead you will be given a credit note to use on one of our other events or offered a full refund.

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